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Resolving quarantine problems on macOS

When your system becomes suddenly sluggish for no obvious reason, it might be a good idea to check for quarantine problems with installed apps or their helper daemons.

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2024/05/03 15:01 · Róbert Toth

Modding Diablo 2 on macOS: PlugY, Enjoy-SP and more

A lot can be changed and tweaked in Diablo 2 – however, lots of modding sites went down in the last couple of years, so it is getting increasingly harder to gain some info on how to do it – especially when running under Wine(skin) on Mac OS X.

In this article I will be slowly gathering my own experiences and manuals for modding and tweaking Diablo II 1.13d. This is and will remain a workinprogress.

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2021/04/13 19:54 · Róbert Toth

Download Safari 13.1.2 after Safari 14 has been released

Apple has this ugly habit that it does not offer you to download previous versions of its software after newer versions came out. But now with serious Safari 14 problems on Mojave, it might make sense to only upgrade Safari to its latest 13th version.

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2020/09/29 19:07 · Róbert Toth

Converting between Unix Timestamp and Local Date in Google sheets

Google sheets do not offer any straightforward way to convert from Unix Timestamp (that is, the number of seconds that passed since 1 January 1970) to local date and vice versa. If you are web admin, this is something you will sooner or later need when passing data between Google sheets and server SQL database.

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2020/09/04 10:47 · Róbert Toth

Zistenie podpory 4G na SIM karte

Operátori tvrdia, že už roky vydávajú iba SIM karty podporujúce 4G internet (LTE), napriek tomu som tento týždeň riešil problém nefungujúceho 4G pripojenia, ktorý skončil pri tom, že moja SIM karta je ešte stará “3Gčka”. V tomto článku preto nájdete odkazy na zistenie podpory 4G pre všetkých operátorov.

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2020/06/25 12:20 · Róbert Toth

Workshop on Plato’s Theory of Forms

A close reading and discussion of a new manuscript by Vasilis Politis.

Held Friday 14 Sunday 16 February 2020.

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2020/02/14 15:49 · Róbert Toth

Forcing Gmail to send email with zero margins

By default, it is not possible to send email with content as backgrounds or images taking up the whole width of email space. However, it is possible to do so with the following little trick.

This comes in handy when you want to resend e.g. nicelyformatted Mailchimp email and still retain its fullwidth layout (recall those wonderful header and footer images with no right and left margins!).

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2019/11/05 01:17 · Róbert Toth

How to disable "This app is not optimized for your Mac" alert on macOS Mojave

In High Sierra, this popup only appeared once per each application that needs to be updated. In macOS Mojave, however, it is shown every new month. Here's how to disable it.

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2019/10/14 08:50 · Róbert Toth

Unicode Normalization & Analysis Tool

Tool to detect and convert between different Unicode Normalization Forms.

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2019/06/28 13:29 · Róbert Toth
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