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Modding Diablo 2 on macOS: PlugY, Enjoy-SP and more

A lot can be changed and tweaked in Diablo 2 – however, lots of modding sites went down in the last couple of years, so it is getting increasingly harder to gain some info on how to do it – especially when running under Wine(skin) on Mac OS X.

In this article I will be slowly gathering my own experiences and manuals for modding and tweaking Diablo II 1.13d. This is and will remain a workinprogress.

Which Diablo II to install?

This is probably obvious, but get Diablo II with expansion (Lord of Destruction). Without it you will miss most of the game content and many programs must be configured differently for basic game (or do not work at all).

Native Mac OS X version or PC version under Wine(skin)?

Blizzard released native Diablo II for Mac. However, since files in this version are different from the PC version, majority of mods simply won't work. I therefore prefer to use PC version of Diablo II running under Wine(skin).

Diablo II version to pick

  • The latest Diablo II version is currently 1.14d (released June 7, 2016).
  • However, the last version that changed anything gameplaywise is 1.13d (released October 27, 2011).
  • And the last content patch was 1.13c (released March 23, 2010).

Therefore everything after patch 1.13d are just tweaks for new operation systems – see version history. This is important to know since some editors and modding programs will not work when Diablo II data (like items, skills, monsters) are changed. Any program that works with Diablo II 1.13c will work with all later versions.

Wineskin installation setup

Installation is easy and nonproblematic, do not expect anything fancy. I prefer using Wineskin, since that way I can isolate different Windows games and programs.

In the rest of this article, I will assume you are using Diablo 2 LoD 1.13d running under Wineskin.

Basic mods: PlugY and Enjoy-SP

These are the basic mods I always use. They are both based on the idea that playing vanilla Diablo II in single player is actually much harder and less fun than multiplayer. They are therefore aimed to make singleplayer more enjoyable, but not necessarily easy.

PlugY v14.02

  • Download here: http://plugy.free.fr/
  • Current version (14.02) works with any version of Diablo II up to 1.14d

What does it do?

  • Adds infinite storage space for stash + creates shared storage stash.
  • Enables the ladder-only runewords for singleplayer and TCP/IP game.
  • Enables the World Event and Pandemonium Event (Uber Quest) for singleplayer and TCP/IP game.
  • Unassign assigned skills and stats points.
  • Added some pages for display more characters stats.
  • Display item level in its popup.
  • Display the current stats value (without magical bonus).
  • … and much more (read the official page)

Enjoy-SP v1.7

What does it do?

  • Enables all ladderonly rune words and uniques
  • Increases experience gain on higher levels (or, more precisely, eliminates the ExpRatio decrease starting from level 70)
  • Increased the chance of getting uniques, rares and sets when gambling
  • Increases drop rates of uniques, rares, sets, runes and gems and decreases junkdrops
  • Further increases drops from all bosses (Act, Super Uniques, Uniques) and adds new MiniBoss class. Additionally, Ancients now drop items.
  • Decreases the itemlevel and the requiredlevel of 80+ weapons and armors, and slightly decreases the required level of all uniques
  • Changed some Cube recipes, added recipes for socketing unique and set items (1 socket only) and normal and superior items (up to 6 sockets), simplified desocketing and upgrading runes
  • … and much more (read the official page)

Installing PlugY and Enjoy-SP together


Tweaks and small changes

General modding guidelines and info

  • TODO Explain Order of loading files
  • TODO direct txt commands

Note that the direct txt command is a 2 command function:

  • the txt command tells the game to generate the binary files in the excel folder on start up.
  • the direct tells the game to load the “data” folder first and only then the .mpq files.

So if you are starting a mod for the first time with only txt files in the excel folder and no bins, use the direct txt and start a new character. This will generate the bins for the first time. After the bin files are generated, you only need to use the direct command. The direct command loads the data folder only and doesn't need to regenerate the bins, if they are already there.

The point here is that the direct command is all you need the load the data folder, the txt command is not needed all the time, only for the firsttime generation of bin files.

Also note that to reload these txt/bin files, you do not need to exit game – they are generated and loaded when you load the game from the character screen.

Changing colour of gems on ground (when holding Alt)

To do this, you need to prepend special colour codes (or their escape sequences, if the TBL editor you use allows it) to names of all gems in /mod/data/local/LNG/ENG/string.tbl file (which itself is by default packed inside Patch_D2.mpq file).

Allow Jewels and Charms to be gambled

You need to add Jewels and Charms to the list of items allowed to be generated by gamble routine in /mod/data/global/excel/Gamble.txt. To do this, append these lines to the end of file:

Small Charm	cm1
Large Charm	cm2
Grand Charm	cm3
Jewel	jew

Some important notes:

  • You must end the file with a newline, otherwise game wouldn't recognize the item type written in the last line.
  • If you want to add another item types, you might find their codes in /mod/data/global/excel/Misc.txt (column code). They are also references from TreasureClassEx.txt file (columns ItemX).
  • If you want some items to appear more frequently in gambling window, you might list them several times in the file.

Change probability of Exceptional and Elite items in gambling

This is controlled by columns GambleUber and GambleUltra in /mod/data/global/excel/DifficultyLevels.txt. The probability for an Exceptional/Elite item to be generated is calculated with the following formula (see How are Exceptional/Elite items generated?):

  • Exceptional: exceptionalProbability = max{0%, (ilvl – qlvlV) * 0.9% + 1%}
  • Elite: eliteProbability = max{0%, (ilvl ? qlvlE) * 0.33% + 1%}
  • where ilvl = clvl (5 to +4) and qlvl = quality lvl of base item to be generated (e.g. 33 for Demonhide gloves)

The constants (0.9% and 0.33%, respectively), are defined (as 90 and 33) in the file. My suggested setup is this:

Name	[…]	GambleRare	GambleSet	GambleUnique	GambleUber	GambleUltra
Normal	[…]	100000	15000	15000	50	50
Nightmare	[…]	100000	15000	15000	200	200
Hell	[…]	100000	15000	15000	800	800

So no magiconly items (we are gambling, we want something real!), only unique items with 15% probability (in file written as portion of 100000, so 15000), set items with 15% probability (again 15000 in file) and rare items (the rest, i.e. 70% – in file written as 100000 to catch the rest). I have set the probability of getting Exceptional/Elite item to 0.5%/2%/8% (for Normal/Nightmare/Hell, respectively) per one item level (ilvl) above quality level (qlvl).

Gambling for Unique Circlets

If you are gambling for exceptional or elite versions of unique/set circlets, remember that only Coronets (and not Circlets!) can be upgraded in gambling window into Tiaras or Diadems. See The complete overview guide to Gambling in Diablo 2 and PoD.

The Cow King in Enjoy-SP does not drop his unique Cow King's Leathers set items – here's how to fix it

The problem is that EnjoySP replaces The Cow King with The Cow Chieftain (looks like The Smith in Barracks), which prevents the game from recognizing that this monster is actually the Cow King which could drop Cow King's Leathers set items. To fix this:

  1. in /mod/data/global/excel/MonPreset.txt replace this line:
    1	The Old Cow King

    with this line:

    1	The Cow King
  2. and in /mod/data/global/excel/TreasureClassEx.txt replace these lines:
    Cow King			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 1 Uitem C	1	Act 1 Melee B	2																				0
    Cow King (N)			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 1 (H) Uitem C	1	Act 1 (N) Melee B	2																				0
    Cow King (H)			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 1 (H) Uitem C	1	Act 1 (H) Melee B	2																				0

    with these lines:

    Cow King			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 5 Equip C	15	Act 5 Good	3	Cowset	1																		0
    Cow King (N)			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 5 (N) Equip C	15	Act 5 (N) Good	3	Cowset	2																		0
    Cow King (H)			7	850	983	983	1024	0	Act 5 (H) Equip C	45	Act 5 (H) Good	15	Cowset	3	r33	1																0

This will restore the original Cow King (which is needed for Diablo II code to allow the drop of Cow King's Leathers) and and the same time keep the enhanced Cow King's drops from EnjoySP.

Note that this won't assure that the Cow King will actually drop anything from his set, it only gives him a chance to do so. However, in EnjoySP/Plugy (don't know if also in original game – probably not), you might open the portal to The Secret Cow Level several times – you just have to Save and Exit game between your runs. To do so, repeatedly go to Tristram through The Stony Field teleport to obtain Wirt's Leg and open the portal (Horadric Cube → Tome of Town Portal + Wirt's Leg → opens portal to The Secret Cow Level).

Tweaking shrines


Disable unwanted shrines:

  • in /mod/data/global/excel/Shrines.txt set required level so high that they will never appear (200+)

Make monster shrine reusable after some time (so that you can generate more uniques, yay!)

  • set column reset time in minutes to e.g. 1 (the column is in minutes)

My version: only spawn monster, experience and gem shrines, disable other shrines

  • change effectclass column values so that the only enabled shrine with effectclass 4 is Warping Shrine and the only enabled shrines with effectclass 1 are Shrine of Enirhs, Experience Boost and Gem Upgrade
  • note that the chance for effect class 1 is 10% while the chance for effect class 4 is 90% (see The Shrining guide).
  • Shrine of Enirhs is out, but it can still be rolled by game, and if so, the game will instead spawn Gem Upgrade shrine.

Good sources for info:

  • x

Programs & Editors

Save-game editors (Trainers)

  • Preferred (tested, working):
    • Hero Editor 1.04: download here. Note that it must be properly installed, not just copied over, as it copies some files to windows.
  • Other (untested or not properly working):

TBL editors – editing game texts (strings)

Game texts are stored inside *.tbl files, which themselves are packed in three different source *.mpq files:

  • string.tbl is in d2data.mpq and contains texts for original Diablo 2 release;
  • expansionstring.tbl is in d2exp.mpq and contains texts from Lord of Destruction expansion;
  • patchstring.tbl is in patch_d2.mpq and contains the texts from the current patch.

Game “loads” its texts in this order, so the latter will override the earlier files – e.g. if the particular text from original Diablo II gets redefined in the expansion, and later again by a patch, game will use the text from patch (pretty clever).

  • Preferred (tested, working):
    • AFJ tbl Editor 1.12: download here. This is the best editor to use. It has support for colour code escape sequences, does not have any program dependency and I have tested it and it simply works. Two important notes:
      • To install AFJ tbl Editor, you have to set Wineskin compatibility mode to Windows XP (Wineskin → Tools → Config Utility)
      • Most places on the internet offer you to download version 1.11. This version is broken and does not work. You need to download version 1.12 from the link provided above. It has two variants: Unicode and “normal” version. Unicode works for me, so start with that and if it does not work for you, download the other version.
  • Other (untested or not properly working):



Gameplay Tips

Types of Monsters

As EnjoySP increases drops from all bosses and unique monsters, running for them is now more important and much more fun.

There are three basic types of monsters in Diablo II (see monster basics here or here):

  1. Normal monsters with white name: mobs not really worth anything
  2. Champion monsters with blue name (see here or here): spawned randomly; they appear in 5 varieties: Berserker, Champion, Fanatic, Ghostly or a Possessed champion monster. They are all much harder to kill, but not really worth the time.
  3. Unique monsters with golden name (see below): these include ordinary unique monsters, which are spawned randomly, and super unique monsters spawned always at the same place; and they all drop the best items.

With a MiniBoss class introduced by EnjoySP, there are now 4 kinds of unique monsters (ordered by drop rates from best to least interesting):

  1. Act Bosses (see here or here):
  2. Mini Bosses are Super Unique monsters “elevated” by EnjoySP mod, so they are stronger and have much better drops:
    • Act I:
      • Blood Raven, Griswold, The Smith, The Countess
    • Act II:
      • Radament, The Worm, The Summoner
    • Act III:
      • The 5 Council members
    • Act IV:
      • Izual, Hephasto, the 3 SealLords
    • Act V:
      • Shenk, the 3 Ancients, Pindleskin, Nilathak
  3. Super Unique Monsters (see here or here or this list with the exact location and treasure class of all superunique monsters):
    • Act I:
      • TODO
    • Act II:
      • TODO
    • Act III:
      • TODO
    • Act IV:
      • TODO
    • Act V:
      • TODO
  4. Unique Monsters (see here or here):
    • These are spawned randomly, but if you see them, you should kill them, as with EnjoySP they drop good stuff too.

Horadric Cube Recipes

This is the complete list of Cube Recipes, taking into account both original Diablo II recipes, and recipes changed or introduced by EnjoySP mod:

  • TODO

Reference pages and Online Resources

General pages


Horadric Cube






Increased Attack Speed, Faster Block Rate, Faster Cast Rate and Breakpoints

Experience and Fast levelling

Character Builds


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