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Running GOG Jagged Alliance 2 v1.13 on Mac OS X 10.10.5+

Freshly installed GOG version of Jagged Alliance 2 has poor performance, especially after applying 1.13 patch. This is a short howto to increase performance of game and fix some bugs.

Downloading vanilla Jagged Alliance 2

  1. Download Mac version from GOG.com
  2. Run the game for the first time

Installing v1.13 mod

  1. Download both Current official Release and Current official Update files from Official v1.13 mod page
  2. Move both downloaded *.exe files to Jagged Alliance 2.app/Contents/Resources/game/Jagged Alliance 2.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/Program Files/GOG.com/Jagged Alliance 2/
  3. Open Jagged Alliance 2.app/Wineskin.app
  4. Choose AdvancedToolsUtilitiesCommand Line Shell
  5. Type cd ..\..\Program Files\GOG.com\Jagged Alliance 2\
  6. Run both exe files (JA2_113_FullRelease_English_7435.exe and JA2_113_UpdateForRelease7435_English_7609.exe)
  7. Run zPatch.bat

Updating Wineskin engine

  1. Download latest Wineskin Winery from Official Wineskin page
  2. Run Wineskin Winery.app
  3. Update wrapper to newest version, add new (latest) engine and exit
  4. Open Jagged Alliance 2.app/Wineskin.app again
  5. Choose AdvancedToolsWrapper ToolsChange Engine used and select newest engine
  6. Wait for rebuild and exit Wineskin

Fixing flickering

Now with new update of Wineskin engine, game will at last run smoothly, but will flicker hardly. To stop it:

  1. Open Jagged Alliance 2.app/Wineskin.app for the last time :)
  2. Choose AdvancedToolsUtilitiesWinetricks
  3. Expand settings tree and enable (tick) ddr=gdi option
  4. Run the script
  5. Done!

Enabling ''alt'', ''end'' and ''delete'' key

For some reason, Option key is not working at all in Jagged Alliance 2 under Mac OS X. Instead, cmd key works as alt, so if there is a game shortcut that requires pressing Alt + X, you actually need to press Cmd + X.

This causes some shortcuts to be unusable, because they are reserved for Mac OS X. Specifically, cheat for scrolling through item list (by using Alt + W) does not work, because Cmd + W is reserved by system to function as keyboard shortcut to close window. To force mapping of Option key to Alt key, do the following:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Go to (cd) Jagged Alliance 2.app/Contents/Resources/game/Jagged Alliance 2.app/Contents/Frameworks
  3. Type touch .Xmodmap (will create .Xmodmap file)
  4. Type open e .Xmodmap
  5. Paste these lines into file:
    keycode 66 = Alt_L Meta_L
    keycode 69 = Alt_R Meta_R
    clear mod1
    add mod1 = Alt_L Alt_R
  6. (optional) If you also want to map Backspace key to Delete key (so you don't have to press Fn + Backspace to imitate it) and key left to Backspace to End key (so you don't have to press Fn + right arrow to imitate it), add also these lines:
    clear Mod2
    clear control
    keycode 59 = Delete
    keycode 32 = End
    add control = Delete
    add control = End
  7. (optional) In case some of the keys will not function properly, keycodes are probably different on your system. You can find out proper keycodes by running xev event keyboard in terminal and pressing needed keys. Complete hotkey nameslist is avaliable on Xmodmap keysyms list
  8. Save file and play :-)



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